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John ‘Hwaygo’ Pansini

Real Life Highscore Staff Writer and Creator of the Diablo Herald

Charming, devastatingly Handsome, perfect hand eye co-ordination, these are all phrases that have been used to describe me, John “Hwaygo” Pansini, by me John “Hwaygo” Pansini.

I’ve been a gamer from an early age. My family got our first console, a sega master system 2, when I was 7 and I’ve been playing ever since. As I’ve grown, I’ve also become a sci-fi geek and a musician. I’m not afraid to let people know that one of my favorite TV shows is Startrek (Picard>Kirk), and that I spend an “irresponsible” (according to some) amount of hours playing Diablo, whilst maintaining my own individual style.

I play a lot of different games. Up until the release of Diablo 3, Diablo 2 was easily my favourite game of all time. Before the release of Diablo 3 I created the podcast and youtube channel “Diablo Herald”, and I’m looking forward to creating more informative content on not just Diablo, but balancing life as a gamer.

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