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Mack ‘MackTen’ Cowan

Real Life Highscore Staff Writer and YouTube Producer

Hello, my name is Charles “MackTen” Cowan and I’m proud to finally be a part of Real Life High Score! I am a hard-core Diablo III, StarCraft II, and, most recently, DotA 2 player. However, this would not do justice to the overwhelming amount of time that I invest playing and, for lack of a better term, test-driving video games. My father bought a Gateway 2000 PC in 1995 when I was five years old, and that’s all she wrote. Ever since the first time I had ever used a PC, I have been infatuated with PC gaming. I hope that my passion for gaming is conveyed through both my writing for the Real-Life High Score and the brief videos that I produce for my YouTube channel.

The first series is called “Diablo III Status Update”, which is a weekly vlog (usually with background footage from Diablo III) about changes occurring in the world of Diablo III, and why Blizzard is implementing them.

The next series is a weekly show called “Evil Money”, which discusses ways and means to maximize profit from Diablo III’s Real Money Auction House while putting in the absolute smallest amount of play time.

Third on the list is an original show called “The Mailroom.” “The Mailroom” is a show that features background footage from a different video game every week, and over the course of the show I answer questions, comments, concerns, and general feedback that has been submitted about my channel.

My latest, and possibly greatest, show is called “First Look in Five.” “First Look in Five” is a show that briefly looks into different video games and generally lasts between three and seven minutes, hence the title. So far I have done a few mainstream titles, such as DotA 2, and a few lesser known titles, such as a Tribes Ascend. In the future, I will probably spend more time doing videos about independent titles, however I am far from opposed to doing videos about more mainstream games if the desire arises. For this series, I am open to requests. Feel free to tweet @mackxten, with whatever title that you would like me to do a “First Look in Five” segment on. The only requirement is that the game was produced within the past two years.

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