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Indie Game Developer Advertising

If you are an indie game developer looking to get your video game out into the general public then we here at Real Life Highscore want to talk to you!

Although paid banner advertising is an option we actually prefer to work with you to provide real reviews and content on your games. We feel that this is the best way to spread the word and it gives potential customers real insight into your game.

So, do you have a new beta build or full game to show off? Let us know about it so one of our writers can cover it in a video and/or article!

Other Advertising

We are willing to work with other advertisers on a case by case basis to find something that suits the spirit of the site and provides value to the advertiser. We will not advertise products or services that we do not endorse or that we feel don’t provide value to our readers.

(Do you see an ad on this site that you feel violates this ideal? Let us know about it!)

Contact us for enquires.

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