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Are you passionate about Gaming? Do you consider yourself a decent writer? Have some free time on your hands and would like to do something fun with it, which can have lasting benefits on your working life? Would you love having your opinions read by thousands of readers? Then this might just be the chance you were looking for! RLHighscore is currently looking for writers, take a look below!

Why does RLHighscore need more writers?

More quality content is always a good thing and the core team of RLHighscore can only produce so much. This is where you come in. With your help RLHighscore will be able to put out more high-quality content on a regular basis, which will attract more readers, which will attract more sponsors and advertisers. Additionally, every new staff member brings with them additional viewpoints, connections and experiences which will help make RLHighscore a more diverse and valuable resource for readers.

What do you get out of writing for RLHighscore?

We have to make very clear from the start that this is an unpaid position and that you work from home, with your own equipment. That doesn’t mean that there are no benefits to doing so though!

  • Any published content is done so under the chosen display name of the original author, which can be a nickname or a real name.
  • A volunteer job is still a job – and it looks very good on your résumé. Especially if you have an interest in journalism, gaming or online marketing.
  • We will give references to future employers.
  • Trusted long-term members of our team may be given access to content/software/services to review.
  • You are allowed to build backlinks (tastefully) to your other content as well as link to affiliates of your own (provided they aren’t in direct competition with RLHighscore and it’s affiliates).
  • You have the freedom to write on any relevant topic to gamers (gamers are a rather diverse bunch of people). You’re not just limited to writing either – you are welcome to post videos or graphics (infographs for example) that you have created.
  • A chance to make some great contacts within the industry!

What does RLHighscore expect from you?

  • A passion for Gaming and gaming culture.
  • A decent writing style with strong English language skills.
  • Being a quick learner with the ability to follow written guidelines.
  • To help our Editors by ensuring your article is as neat as possible before submitting it for review.
  • A basic knowledge of the online publishing process and software (WordPress) is helpful but not necessary.
  • At least 1 contribution a month. More regular / long-term contributors are obviously first in line for extra benefits.
  • Stay in touch – we fully understand that people have holidays, exams or other commitments. Just let us know before you disappear so we know what’s going on (and so we can arrange other content).

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • If you are younger than 18 years old, an exception might be made if you are proven to be a particularly talented writer.
  • The RLHighscore staff reserve the right to make changes to your article for the purpose of clarity, grammar, or correctness.
  • All articles published on RLHighscore are copyright of RLHighscore. You may not republish them elsewhere without explicit permission, but your name will remain displayed as the original author permanently. Google has very strict rules when it comes to duplicate content that we must adhere to. This also means that you can not copy content from other websites or publications.

How to apply

As mentioned in the expectations not being able to follow the below will automatically disqualify you from the process.

  1. Visit our Contact page and e-mail our editors.
  2. Tell us who you are, where you are from, what do you in real life, why you are passionate about gaming and why you would like to write for RLHighscore.
  3. Let us know what your favourite genres and games are.
  4. Provide us with links or examples of content created by you if you have any.
  5. Provide 3 examples of articles you would like to write. A draft title and a basic rundown of what the article would be about is all that is needed. This is important as it will show us that you have thought about what content you can provide that would suit RLHighscore.
  6. Any other information you think would be of use to us.
  7. Style the above in a pleasant format, this is the first evidence of your style.

That’s it – we’ll do our best to reply within a day or two to at least let you know we’ve received your application. If your application is interesting enough, we will create a temporary account for you and you can write a few initial articles. If the initial articles show promise, the account becomes permanent, you’ll be a member of our team and you’ll be able to write and submit articles whenever you desire. If the initial articles aren’t quite right, we’ll let you know what you need to work on to get them to a publishable state. If after this trial period either of us decides that writing here is not right for you then we will delete your account and you can keep anything you have written. It’s really as simple as that!

Other Jobs

If you are not a writer but would still like to get involved in RLHighscore then please contact us with your skill-set and availability. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the site (whether it be with new graphics, video, etc.) and you may be able to help! Everyone who pitches in at least gets a mention with a link to their profile/page/website (not to mention our gratitude).

If you have any questions prior to making an application, please use the contact form on our contact page.

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