Guild Wars 2 News: GW2 Gets a Mac Client Port Through Cider!

19 Sep 2012 by ZiggyD, No Comments »

In a recent blog post the Guild Wars 2 team from ArenaNet announced the release of a beta Mac client, which is available to test out right now. You don’t have to buy a new copy of the game either, your account that you bought with the windows version will work exactly the same on the Mac port. 

While this means that Mac users may not have to Bootcamp any more, before you get too excited realize that it is a Cider port rather than a native one. A Cider port is better than a Wine port but not as good as a native port. This means that you might not end up getting as good performance as you do under Bootcamp.

If you play on a Mac under bootcamp or were interested in the game pending it’s Mac release then you should go ahead and download the Mac client straight away. The success of beta clients really depends on the feedback given by testers so if you get the client and have any suggestions or input then you can post it to the new Mac section of the guild wars 2 forums.

So far I haven’t been able to get the client to launch properly though many others have reported success. If I can get it running I will post video showing off the client’s performance.

You can download the Guild Wars 2 Mac client from your account page the official website

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