Guild Wars 2 News: Halloween Event and Shadow of the Mad King Coming October 22

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ArenaNet has recently announced it’s first major Guild Wars 2 game update which will include new jumping puzzles, new items in the gem store, ticket pvp tournaments and a week long Halloween event.

Tyria Decked Out in Halloween Decorations!

The first major piece of information in the announcement is that we will be seeing Tyria transformed with decorations, I’m looking forward to exploring all of the home cities with their new theme during the event.

New Events and Mini Games

Next up Anet’s post mentions that their will be new minigames, likely halloween themed, and dynamic events – most likely tying in with the story of the Mad Ghost King Thorn.

New Gem Store Items – Gem Prices Likely to Shoot Up

With a bunch of new Halloween content being released on the Gem store I would expect Gem prices (in gold) will start rising significantly before and during the event. It’s probably a good idea to exchange your gold for gems early on to get the best prices possible.

First Paid PvP Tournaments

The game update will also coincide with the start of the first ever paid PvP tournaments in SPvP. You will need a team of five and tourney tickets to enter these, which can be obtained through PvP play or through the Gem store.

Other New Content

Jumping puzzles, events, bosses, min-dungeons and even a costume Keg brawl! This is a really good sign for the longevity of Guild Wars 2 as this sounds like a pretty big game update considering that it is free.

Are you excited for the Guild Wars 2 Halloween celebrations? Will you be saving up your gems for costumes for the Keg brawl? let me know in the comments below.

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