Heroes of Newerth Guides for Beginners Series

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In an attempt to help make Heroes of Newerth a more attractive game for new players, I decided to start a video series for guides specifically designed for people who are just beginning to play Heroes of Newerth and are not necessarily familiar with other AoS/ARTS/MOBA and their complex mechanics.


Although this is an on-going video series, I thought I might as well post what I have created so far. My first guide, which is a four part video series in and of itself, goes about the task of explaining the Starting Screen and HoN Store in Heroes of Newerth. This is the very first thing you encounter when playing HoN, so I thought it would be a good place to start.

The second most common question I hear from friends who are new to HoN is how to use the monkey courier and what role it plays in the game. My second (or my fifth video, if you’re counting the first as four separate videos) explains the purpose of the monkey courier, how it works and some useful hotkeys for properly managing it without losing track of your hero.

This video covers the topic of consolidating the vast amounts of information needed to play HoN well. A lot of people are turned away from Heroes of Newerth because of the fact that they feel that they need to memorize a lot of information before they can play the game. Although they should be working towards that goal, it doesn’t mean that they can’t start off with a consolidated general understanding of the game and work towards fully understanding the game while playing it.

My latest video covers the history and use of Attack Modifying items in Heroes of Newerth.

Here’s another video about Attributes and their history:

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