How to get started playing DotA 2: Don’t Feed Noob Episode 1!

19 Aug 2012 by MackTen, No Comments »

After an extended contest on MackTen’s YouTube channel, a winner was finally chosen for their input towards designing a weekly DotA 2 YouTube show. As one can see above, the show is titled “Don’t Feed Noob!” and will give a brief introduction to different aspects of DotA 2 every week.

Hey guys, MackTen here. It’s a pleasure to finally be finished sorting out all of these ideas for a show, and to get started on the business of putting one on every week! Every week the show will discuss a different aspect of DotA 2, starting out extremely basic and slowly progressing into move advanced elements of the game. This week’s show, the first episode, features three  distinct segments:

1. Where do I begin? Where’s a good place to learn not just what these heroes do, but how one can effectively use them?

2. What’s are the principle differences between League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients? In what ways are the two games similar?

3. Don’t feed noob; when in doubt, play defensively!



Click here to view this video on it’s YouTube page.

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