Why Street Fighter X Tekken Failed To Keep Up With The FGC

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[Warning: this video contains mild language that may not be appropriate for minors]

Capcom attempted to continue their intellectual property cross-over success streak with Street Fighter X Tekken, but failed to capture the attention of the competitive fighting game community. In this video Tom talks us through all of the reasons that he thinks SFxT failed and what he thinks Capcom can do to solve this problem.


Although Street Fighter X Tekken is kind of a cold topic since the fighting game community (FGC) has collectively rejected it as a competitive fighting game, Capcom has recently announced a new patch, coming in 2013, to rebalance the game and possibly solve some of its problems. Unfortunately, they’re focusing more on the special effects of power ups on character and less on the fundamental flaws of a fighting game that is bogged down with too many bad mechanics.

SFxT has so many mechanics that it’s hard to factor in each variable that they represent and properly form strategies in a match. I propose that Capcom focus on two or three mechanics in SFxT and remove all of the rest, whether that means removing Pandora and Gems and focusing more on the Tag and Charge mechanics. Sadly, I don’t see Capcom doing this, because it would be a waste of money to remove gameplay mechanics that they invested time and money in.

What do you think about Street Fighter X Tekken? Do you think the 2013 patch will help fix SFxT’s problems? If you were the head of Capcom, what would you do to help solve the SFxT dilemma? Discuss.

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