ZiggyD’s Path of Exile Beginner’s Quickstart Guide Series

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G’day ZiggyD here and welcome to my Beginner’s Quickstart guide series for the Action RPG Path of Exile. I have been playing in PoE’s closed beta for a number of months now and in preparation for the flood of new players coming at the launch of open beta (free-to-play) I have been putting together this series of video guides that cover a lot of the frequently asked questions.

If you simply want to watch the entire video series back to back then here is the link for the entire PoE guide playlist. Grab a snack because it’s over an hour all up.

The Path of Exile Beginner’s QuickStart Guide Overview

Path of Exile is a loot-based action RPG, a lot like the Diablo series and Titan Quest. You control your avatar from a top down perspective to smash enemies and grab excessive amounts of loot. People experienced with the genre will be able to jump right in and start playing but Path of Exile throws a few curve balls when it comes to the currency/crafting/trading system, the passive skill tree and the skill gem system. These deep systems can throw off even experienced ARPG players. In the above video I run you guys through most of these systems and give you a good idea of what to expect.

Diablo 3 vs. Path of Exile – Feature Differences

If you guys are coming over from Diablo 3 or if you aren’t sure of which game is better for you here is a comparison of the two games. I love both PoE and D3 so it’s a fairly unbiased look at the two games.

Choosing a Class in Path of Exile

This is the first step on your journey into Wraeclast and it’s important to understand the differences between the classes. PoE features a fairly interesting and non-linear class system where you can essentially do anything with any class but the choice is still important.

How to Plan Out Your Build in PoE (Theme, Passives & Skills)

The passive skill tree alone can be intimidating but when you have to start combining it with class choice and skill gems things can become pretty overwhelming in a hurry. In this guide I take you through the build creation process step by step trying to break it down as simply as possible.

Farming Guides (What to Pick Up & Where to Farm)

Every now and then you might hit a wall in PoE where it just becomes too difficult to keep pushing forward. At these times it pays to know how and where to farm for additional levels, gear and currency to strengthen your character. In this first video I show you what sort of things are worth picking up so you kn0w what to not waste your time on. Below are a series of ‘where to farm’ guides. The list is incomplete at the moment but the where to farm series will continue to grow over time.

Hopefully this series of guides gives you a good starting base of knowledge. There are many more things to learn and you will discover them over time as you play. Path of Exile is a difficult and deep game but it can be very rewarding if you take the time to learn it’s mechanics. If you are interested in seeing more of my video guides make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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