How to Monetize a YouTube Channel Without a Partnership [Adsense Monetization]

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Up until recently the only way that you could monetize your YouTube videos was through a partnership. Now Google has released Adsense monetization for YouTube accounts allowing almost anyone to start earning an income through their efforts on YouTube.

Getting a YouTube partnership can take a long time, most partnership networks require a channel to have at least 1000 views a day. Getting to this level can take months or even years while you build up a subscriber base and improve your content. Now with Adsense monetization you can start earning right from your very first video.

Even if a partnership is your eventual goal (some people may prefer to stay independent) you can use the money you make through Adsense in the beginning to reinvest in your channel. In my first two months of Adsense monetization on YouTube I made over $200 (check out my video earnings report) and I was able to reinvest this money in some professional graphics, a Blue Snowball mic, some more indie games and a beefy new router. Each one of these things has and will continue to benefit my channel massively and this would not have been possible if I wasn’t earning off my early content.

Here is a how to guide on getting your channel monetized:

*View on YouTube for a Better Experience*

Once you have your Adsense and YouTube set up and linked the only thing to do is to start producing monetizable content. Make sure you are avoiding all copyright violations in any content you try to monetize – this includes music and pictures you do not own (gaming content is permissible with commentary). There will be a detailed guide to what content you can and cannot monetize coming in the future.

If you plan on taking YouTube seriously and are even considering trying to make it a major income source make sure that you follow my channel RLZiggyD. I will be regularly producing video guides and discussions on earning a living on YouTube and I will be posting monthly income reports so that you can compare your progress to my own. Thanks for reading!

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