The Future of Arcades in the U.S.?

28 Dec 2012 by Pandamanana, No Comments »

After the advancements made in home consoles and the declining U.S. economy, the arcade scene in the United States has degraded almost to the point of extinction. 

Old school arcades with street fighter and mortal kombat cabinets have been generally replaced with Chuckie Cheeses and Dave & Busters, which change the atmosphere from being really adult themed to being more family friendly. While this isn’t a problem, necessarily, it does alienate the old-school fighting game arcade goers from continuing their arcade patronage at these newer, family-oriented arcades.

In this new video I talk about my experiences with arcades, the last remaining “old-school” arcades in the U.S. as well as possible business models that might make the arcade experience a more viable business in today’s economy. If you have any experiences with more adult arcades in your area, I would love to hear about them, as they seem to be very few and far between these days. Support your local arcade and hobby shop!

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