ZiggyD’s Monthly YouTube Adsense Earnings & Strategy Report for February 2013

3 Mar 2013 by ZiggyD, 1 Comment »

Ever wonder how much money YouTubers earn? Ever wonder how full time YouTube creators got where they are? In these monthly earnings & strategy reports I document my monthly growth and earnings so you can see what it’s like to pursue YT as a career. I also share the strategies and tactics I used each month to get where I am!

I’m closing in on the 1 year mark on YT, I started seriously making videos around mid 2012 and with early 2013 starting to draw to a close things are getting pretty interesting!

My long term goal has always been reaching the $1000 a month mark in Adsense revenue (though of course I plan to set a new goal when I get there but I feel like this is the minimum for a successful career). I’m getting very close to my goals… so how much closer did I get this month? Check out the video below to find out!

Total Videos:

  • ZiggyDStarcraft – 47
  • RLZiggyD – 2


  • ZiggyDStarcraft – 392,289
  • RLZiggyD – 3,861
  • Total of – 396,142
  • Up from january’s total of 337,700

Net Subscriber Growth:

  • ZiggyDStarcraft – 2,068
  • RLZiggyD – 59

Gross Adsense Earnings:

  • $639.08 Australian from YouTube!
  • $8.55 from my various websites and online articles.

This is obviously huge growth from January’s total of around $390 and even Decembers total of $450. In terms of percentage growth it’s about 33% from December to February, discounting january as it’s the slow month in this business. If I see similar growth this month adding another 33% to Feb’s totals will result in around $800. In short I’m approaching my goal faster than predicted, which is very exciting.

What did I do this month (Strategy)?

  • Uploaded 1-2 videos a day consistently. Only one break for a couple of days where I couldn’t upload.
  • Prepared well for the launch of Path of Exile’s open beta. Strategy for this was to have as much beginner targetted content made as possible so I could capture that audience. A lot of the game’s newer players are now subscribers and seem to be enjoying the content I put up every day.
  • Still focusing on a smaller niche.
  • Ive also been networking a lot more than I used to. Out of it came a major podcast with Kripparrian, some co-produced videos with Happy Jack and even a giveaway deal with a gamecodes site.

The Goals for March are to keep up with being consistent  to keep networking but more importantly to make my lifestyle a bit more healthy and sustainable. Working really hard can take it’s toll on your body and your motivation to do other things. A successful personal life is going to help with my YT success as well.

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  1. troy nguyen says:

    Love your vids and page. Keep it up man!!!!

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