ZiggyD’s October YouTube Earnings and Strategy Report – Adsense Monetization

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ZiggyD here again for my favorite time of the month – my monthly YouTube Earnings and Strategy report. In these reports I share the hard numbers from Adsense and YouTube Analytics as well as the strategies I used to achieve those numbers. The whole purpose of this is to make a rather cloudy industry much more clear for other people interested in pursuing it as a hobby or career choice.

The Hard Numbers

Videos Uploaded

ZiggyDStarcraft – 38

RLZiggyD – 5

Which makes for a total of 43 new videos in 31 days. I feel like this is an excellent amount to maintain every month with the amounts of time I have to dedicate to content creation.


ZiggyDStarcraft – 121,623

RLZiggyD – 3,756

Huge growth from last month’s total views of 90,000 across both channels!

Subscriber Growth

ZiggyDStarcraft – 316!

RLZiggyD – 43

Both channels but ZiggyDStarcraft especially experienced phenomenal growth in subscriber base. ZiggyDStarcraft’s growth in September was 100, for comparison. I explain the reason for this in more detail in the video but I mainly attribute it to a small series of really high effort videos that I made and promoted in various places.

Adsense Earnings from My YouTube Channels

$306.35 Australian Gross Earnings!

This is up 47% from last month’s total of $208.85!

I go into a bit more strategic detail in my video report such as the types of content I made, how well they worked, my partnership offers and my goals for next month. If you are interested in YouTube Success strategy beyond just the numbers then make sure to check it out! I also run a series called QnA on my channel RLZiggyD where you can ask any YouTube Success questions for me to answer in video format. If you want some personal advice then that is the best way to get it!

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