ZiggyD’s September YouTube Earnings & Strategy Report – Over $200 a Month on YouTube!

3 Oct 2012 by ZiggyD, 3 Comments »

That’s right, I had a huge month on YouTube in September with my views and Adsense revenue soaring up 110%! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves…

Welcome to my monthly YouTube Earnings and Strategy report where I share the hard numbers of how I am doing with my YouTube career and how I got there. Numbers and strategy are in short supply when it comes to YouTube, people tend to be overly secretive about this sort of stuff. However, if writing on InfoBarrel (a revenue sharing site) has taught me anything it’s that the best way to success is accountability and through helping other people find their own success.

So, continuing in my efforts to bring a bit of translucency to the YouTube scene I present to you my YouTube Earnings and Strategy Report for September!

Here are the hard numbers:

Videos Uploaded

ZiggyDStarcraft: 28

RLZiggyD: 4


ZiggyDStarcraft: 86,900

RLZiggyD: 3,000

Total & Comparison: 89,900 up from 52,300 in the previous month (!!!).

Net Subscriber Gains

ZiggyDStarcraft: 100

RLZiggyD: 31

Total & Comparison: 131 down from 143.

I may need to do some analysis on why this is. Possibly audience engagement or call to action issues?


Gross Revenue: $208.85 Australian.

Comparison: Up from $99.16 the previous month. That’s over 110% growth!


Strategy Report

Branding My Content Better

My main strategies in September were to really try hard to brand and differentiate my videos. I did this through the creation of overlay templates, thumbnails and I even came up with some name brands like ‘2 Minute Tips’. I feel like doing this is going to make me stand out a lot more and it helps me to define what I want to put on my channels.

Community Interaction

As usual, a lot of time was spent interacting with commentators and people who message me. This is taking up at least an hour each day as I get at least 10-20 comments and up to 5 messages a day. I love this aspect of YouTube so I plan on doing as much as I can for as long as I can until it really starts to detriment video production time.


I tried really hard to stick to my goals of at least one video a day and I feel like this made a huge difference in growth. It’s also promoting a regular group of viewers who also leave comments, which is the backbone community of any great channel.

Which of My YouTube Videos Are Earning?

Almost all of them have made and will continue to earn at least some revenue. However, I did have a lot of problems with Guild Wars 2 content, which I explain in this video. That seems to have cleared up and nothing is getting stuck ‘under review’ now. The videos that seem to be earning the most are the Diablo 3 news videos and the ones concerning the upcoming patch. This makes sense as not too many people are making this content and a lot of people are searching for it.

Goals for Next Month

50% growth: 110% growth is awesome but consistent, more reliable growth is better.

1 video on each channel every day. (60 for the month): This will be difficult but I can definitely do it. This will be the same amount of content for ZiggyDStarcraft but I want to work on RLZiggyD a lot more.

That’s it for this month! If you would like to share your own report then please feel free to share it in the comments or you can even submit it as a video response (which I will approve). I am keen to get a small community going that helps each other out in their YouTube goals.

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  1. Pandamanana says:

    If I didn’t have pneumonia and wasn’t struggling with school, this would be the exact thing I need to hear to get me back into the Youtube groove. Great to here you’re achieving all this success!

  2. Good Stuff, ZiggyD says:

    Just what I was looking for. Big thanks for sharing this info. I’m an SEO IM guy starting a legit YT page. Lots of vids produced and ready to upload. Wondering the difference in revenue from the Hosted Adsense money vs. the end of the month youtube revenue from the other ads. I’m very experienced with G adsense, but this double youtube revenue thing is confusing for just starting out to monetize vids. It’s not clearly stated… Hopefully you can help clear this up. Also, I hear the Host adsense for content section is going to be eliminated from the adsense reports page.

    Anyway, good job with your success, I’ve been doing pretty awesome with adsense for years now, but for content, not youtube… Cheers…

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