13 Jul

How to Get the Best Deals in the 2012 Steam Summer Sales | When to Buy and What to Keep and Eye On

The Steam Summer Sales are a huge event each year filled with excitement and copious amounts of impulse buying. Getting the best deals is halfway between a fine art and a gamble. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t go crazy and buy everything  you want on the first day (like I have done in the past).

The way the Steam Summer Sale is set up is actually very clever: they build hype with impressive discounts and they encourage people to impulse buy with time limits. Here is the most impressive part however: the uncertainty of whether the current sale price is the best gets people very excited. There is no comparison in the gaming world, nothing else can burn people’s credit cards quite like Steam can.

So through all of this how do you know which are the best sale prices and which games are bargains? Well, there are a few rules to follow and things to keep an eye on if you want to make sure that you get the best bargain possible. In this video I take you through some of the tips I have picked up from past Summer Sales and I make a few speculations on the new features of 2012’s sale.

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Here are some highlights from the video:

  • If you want a game but it isn’t on the current daily deals then you should wait until the last day to buy it. The overall discount will not drop in this time and you could get up to 90% off if you wait for a daily deal.
  • Put games in your wish-list that you are keeping an eye on.
  • Pack deals aren’t likely to drop in price.
  • If you want 75% of the games in a pack you should buy it – if not wait for the games to go on sale themselves.
  • Keep an eye on flash sales and only pick up ones that are 66% off or higher.
  • Vote for the community choice discounts! 75% off a game of your choice.
  • Get the iPhone app and check the sales every 8 hours or so.

Remember to play the games you buy! It may seem like a silly thing to say but it seems like a lot of the games people buy just sit there collecting virtual dust.

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10 Jul

How to Monetize a YouTube Channel Without a Partnership [Adsense Monetization]

Up until recently the only way that you could monetize your YouTube videos was through a partnership. Now Google has released Adsense monetization for YouTube accounts allowing almost anyone to start earning an income through their efforts on YouTube.

Getting a YouTube partnership can take a long time, most partnership networks require a channel to have at least 1000 views a day. Getting to this level can take months or even years while you build up a subscriber base and improve your content. Now with Adsense monetization you can start earning right from your very first video.

Even if a partnership is your eventual goal (some people may prefer to stay independent) you can use the money you make through Adsense in the beginning to reinvest in your channel. In my first two months of Adsense monetization on YouTube I made over $200 (check out my video earnings report) and I was able to reinvest this money in some professional graphics, a Blue Snowball mic, some more indie games and a beefy new router. Each one of these things has and will continue to benefit my channel massively and this would not have been possible if I wasn’t earning off my early content.

Here is a how to guide on getting your channel monetized:

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Once you have your Adsense and YouTube set up and linked the only thing to do is to start producing monetizable content. Make sure you are avoiding all copyright violations in any content you try to monetize – this includes music and pictures you do not own (gaming content is permissible with commentary). There will be a detailed guide to what content you can and cannot monetize coming in the future.

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6 Jul

iPhone game Astronaut Spacewalk First look / review / gameplay

 Here is my first look at the brand new Astronaut sim on iphone “Astronaut Spacewalk” by Jorge Hernandez. It is currently priced at AU$4.49 (at time of writing) on the itunes store.

The game itself is relatively simple. You control an astronaut who is on a spacewalk to do various astronaut like things. For example, fixing broken external cameras and setting up experiments.

The game controls are set out in a way that I have never seen in any game. The entire game screen is split up into squares. Each square has a function. Most of them are for your space suits thrusters. You can turn on your X and Y axis, strafe or roll.
At first the controls may seem very complicated, however they are actually quite intuitive and come more naturally than you would expect. The trick to it is finesse and limiting yourself to moving in one direction at a time. Read More »

3 Jul

ZiggyD’s June YouTube Earnings and Strategy Report

G’day and welcome to a new series of articles: ZiggyD’s YouTube Earnings and Strategy Report! 

In this series I aim to break down the wall of misinformation surrounding making an income on YouTube by openly sharing my month’s earnings through YouTube monetization. I will also share what I did in the month and how some of my general strategies are working out for me. I will be starting another series soon for more in depth discussion of strategies and for giving guides to things that I discover along the way. A ‘YouTube Success’ series, if you will.

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June’s Totals

In this first video I also talk about May’s earnings since I started the series a month late. Here’s how I closed out the second month (June) of my YouTube career: Read More »

26 Jun

Diablo 3: Bidding Tips – How to Know if a Bid is Real and What You Can Do with this Info [RMAH/GAH Guides]

Bidding on the real money and gold auction houses on Diablo 3 is finally starting to become more popular as people hit the level cap and start looking for endgame gear. Bidding is a great way to get a bargain price on an item but some auctioneers are taking advantage of this notion by listing bid prices that look like someone else has bid on the item. In this article we look at a trick to know if an item has any bids on it and then what you can do with this valuable information.

Knowing whether an item has any bids on it can do a number of things for you. It can:

  • Let you know what people are willing to pay for certain items so that you can list your own items accordingly.
  • Let you know whether another person is bidding on an item so that you can prepare for a last minute ‘bid snipe’.
  • Help you avoid bidding on overpriced items by letting you know which bid prices are legitimate or not.

Check out the following video for exactly how you can identify if a bid is real or not.

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Using this technique you should be able to sell your items more effectively on both the real money auction house and on the gold auction house. It should also help you to spot those bargains and avoid those ripoffs.

Other Real Money Auction House and Gold Auction House Tips/Guides:

I hope this guide has helped. You can see more of my Diablo 3 content on my YouTube Channel ZiggyDStarcraft. Thanks for reading!

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