24 Apr

My Favourite Songs That Have Been Inspired by Video Games

I realized the other day that I have quite the library of video-game inspired music on my harddrive, and it’s growing steadily. That prompted me to write the following post over on InfoBarrel (where I write professionally). I had a lot of fun writing it and if you are looking to add some more video game music to your playlists then check it out.

My Favourite Songs That Have Been Inspired by Video Games [on InfoBarrel]

If you have any of your own suggestions feel free to share them in the comments either here or on InfoBarrel!

18 Apr

This Week’s Best Deals in Gaming (18 April)

Hello and welcome to our new weekly series, ‘The Week’s Best Deals in Gaming’. This series does what it says on the label, lists some of this weeks best bargains in the world of gaming. Each week we will scour Amazon, Steam, and whatever other places we can to find the biggest discounts and most awesome bundles on offer. 

This week we see 33% off two hot action/rpgs, an indie rpg that’ a bargain at normal price drops 20% and a survival horror on console loses 50%. Read More »

13 Apr

The Witcher is Available on Mac Through SteamPlay: But Don’t Buy it Yet

The Witcher is another one of those games that i have been wanting to play for a good while. I have heard a ton of great feedback and the recent release of it’s sequel The Witcher 2 also received similar praise.

So when I logged into Steam the other day to be greeted by a message that it had been ported to Mac I was thrilled. I have both Windows and Mac OS on my desktop but I like to get everything on Mac because that is where I work and it saves me switching over. So having another great game to play while on Mac was a no brainer, I bought it immediately. But I was quickly disappointed. Read More »

12 Apr

Welcome to RLHighscore!

The official launch of Real Life High Score!

The site has been up and running for a little while already for testing but this post is the ‘ribbon cutting’ if you will. I also want this post to be a launching pad for new users to explore the site so it will give a bit of a tour and an explanation of what the site is, and what it hopes to achieve.

What is RLHighscore?

This site is about closing the gap between the gaming world and the world of personal development, or, the ‘real-life’ world.

Gamers or people who play video games aren’t really outsiders, they are you and me, your neighbours, your co-workers and your friends. They are average people brought together by a love of entertainment, learning and competition.

Real Life Highscore is made up of intelligent gamers who like to be successful in real life just as much as they like to be successful in video games.

From Our About Page:

“It is becoming more and more apparent that the skills learned through gaming can be applied to real-world problems. Gaming has the potential to teach people self-discipline, decision making skills, leadership skills and strategic problem-solving. Not to mention it does all of this while being incredibly rewarding and fun.” Read More »

7 Apr

Freelance Writing Journal: Entry 2 – Fully Approved and Getting Paid

This series of articles follows my foray into the world of freelance writing. Hopefully it can serve as a guide for other newcomers and can help a few people decide if freelance writing is for them.

Entry 2 – Fully Approved and Getting Paid!

I have now been freelance writing for the past three weeks and it has been an extremely positive experience overall. Now that I am fully approved on the freelance writing site that I am working through I thought it would be a good time to post an update. If you missed the first entry you can check it out here – Freelance Writing Journal: Entry 1 – Getting Started With Freelance Writing.

Read More »

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