6 Jan

Tom’s Gaming Predictions for 2013 [NSFW]

Happy New Year everyone! 2013 is finally upon us, and with it comes a myriad of new games and (hopefully) console releases. As we patiently wait for the announcements to start coming in, I thought I’d wrangle up some of my predictions for what will happen in the game industry in 2013.


Although this video was completely unscripted and unfocused, I ended up covering the future of the MMO market, Bioshock Infinite, the WiiU and the upcoming announcements for the new Microsoft and new Sony consoles. If you guys disagree or want to share your predictions, feel free to leave your messages in the comment section under the video.

1 Jan

The Best Character in Ultimate Marvel 3?

Compared to Marvel Versus Capcom 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a very large top tier roster. Most people say that Vergil or Zero are the best characters in UMvC3, but I disagree.


Dr. Doom has everything the best character needs. He has the best assist in the game in Hidden Missiles, one of the best beam assists in Plasma Beam and a fairly good third assist in Molecular Shield. These three assists alone make him the best assist character in the game, but that’s not all.

Dr. Doom also has one of the easiest corner combos ever and he has combos that are confirm-able off of almost anything almost anywhere on the screen. His foot dive (both his S and Forward H varieties) is one of the most feared moves in the game for a reason; it has a great hit box and confirms into Touch-of-Dead combos. Doom isn’t only about rushdown, though, as he has his trusty plasma beam, finger lasers AND air Heavy laser gun. His Team Air Combo potential is incredibly, he has a safe Delayed Hyper Combo and his THC leads to incredibly difficult to block mix ups.

If you’re looking for a third character to compliment your team with both amazing assists and strong on-screen presence, pick Dr. Doom. There’s a reason he’s the most played character in Ultimate. Doctor Victor Von Doom is the best character in Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3.



I’d love to hear what your thoughts on who the best character is in UMvC3. Do you think Doom has what it takes to be the best? Do you think the power of Vergil, Zero, Crimson Viper, Magneto or Modok trump his utility? Leave a comment on this post or on the video on Youtube with your Top 5 tier lists.

28 Dec

The Future of Arcades in the U.S.?

After the advancements made in home consoles and the declining U.S. economy, the arcade scene in the United States has degraded almost to the point of extinction. 

Old school arcades with street fighter and mortal kombat cabinets have been generally replaced with Chuckie Cheeses and Dave & Busters, which change the atmosphere from being really adult themed to being more family friendly. While this isn’t a problem, necessarily, it does alienate the old-school fighting game arcade goers from continuing their arcade patronage at these newer, family-oriented arcades.

In this new video I talk about my experiences with arcades, the last remaining “old-school” arcades in the U.S. as well as possible business models that might make the arcade experience a more viable business in today’s economy. If you have any experiences with more adult arcades in your area, I would love to hear about them, as they seem to be very few and far between these days. Support your local arcade and hobby shop!

22 Dec

Diablo 3 vs. Path of Exile, Which Game is the Right One For You?

There is often a lot of emotion around game comparisons for games that are very similar at their core and this is even more profound when the games are in a relatively small genre like the AoS/MOBA (LoL vs. DotA2 vs. HoN is the prime example of this emotiveness) genre or indeed the loot-based action RPG genre. In this article I wont be bashing the big guy or call the small guy a clone of the big guy, instead I really want to give an honest analysis of the features and gameplay in these two games so that players can find the one that’s right for them.

Note: this article is a transcript from the video embedded below. If you prefer to watch and listen then please check it out!

On that note I’d just like to mention that I am very fond of both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile and I play them both frequently, just look at my channel for evidence. I get vastly different forms of enjoyment out of either game despite them being in the same genre. However, neither game is for everyone, some may prefer what Path of Exile offers and others may better enjoy Diablo 3, there are even people that will find they don’t enjoy either, despite their best attempts to do so. Read More »

11 Dec

The 10 Best Legendaries in Diablo 3 – BiS Uniques & Set Gear

Diablo 3 is a game that is all about the finding awesome loot. It’s both the means and the end – you get good gear to farm for better gear. Typically the best and coolest gear in the Diablo series has always been the legendaries and set items, and it’s these coveted prizes that we pay homage to today – welcome to my list of the top 10 legendaries and set items in Diablo 3!

Don’t forget, with the Real Money Auction House in full swing some of these can be worth hundred of real dollars! So get hunting!

Check out the full video here to see these epic Diablo 3 legendaries in action!

If you are watching the video be warned – there are spoilers below! Read More »

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