2 Sep

Setting Up and Optimizing Hotkeys in DotA 2! Don’t Feed Noob! Episode 3

After last week’s nearly 40 minute long episode I am proud to produce a very informative 16 minute clip regarding setting up and optimizing your hotkeys in Defense of the Ancients 2! 

Hello everyone, MackTen here. Per the request of a viewer from last week, this week’s episode of Don’t Feed Noob is all about configuring your hotkeys in an optimal way for DotA 2. In this video I explain why different hotkey setups have their respective advantages and weaknesses, and why its good to break bad hotkey habits, even if you’ve been using them forever. I spend a good bit of talking about the habits that the default hotkeys can get a new player in, and why it’s important to break these habits.

In the second half of this video, I talk about different control and gameplay options from within the DotA 2 game client and why you should have various settings enabled or disabled depending on which heroes you play and your personal preference. For a menu of various portions within the video, please see the video’s YouTube page.



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27 Aug

Diablo 3: How Many Hours to Get to Paragon Level 100 and Where is Best to Farm XP

Paragon levels have been out for almost a week now on Diablo 3 and some people are already starting to reach the level 35-40 mark. This sparked a curiosity in me to research just how many hours it takes to get from Paragon level 1 to level 100. Whilst doing this I also found out the best parts of the game to farm for Paragon Experience.

Gearing Assumptions

In order to work out an amount of experience per hour I had to look at the amount of experience per mob in each Act and I also had to make an assumption about how fast players could work their way through mobs. You can find out specific details on the amounts of experience per mob in each act here.
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27 Aug

Surviving Harassment and Hero Roles in DotA 2: Don’t Feed Noob Episode 2!

Based on all of the feedback that I received last week, I found that new players were generally interested in how to survive in the lane for longer periods of time without succuming to enemy harassment. In addition, I had long planned on doing an episode about hero roles in DotA 2 and what they do. This combination made for an extremely long second episode of Don’t Feed Noob!.

Hello again everyone! This week’s episode of Don’t Feed Noob is absolutely monolithic and next week I’ll be trying hard to cut down on it’s enormous size. This week’s episode spends a lot of time talking about surviving harassment in the early parts of the laning phase of the game (especially against heroes with AoEs like Keeper of the Light), hero roles and what roles might be appealing to you for reasons of either fun or ease of playing, and lastly I address all of the feedback from last week’s episode! If you find the video informative, then don’t forget to subscribe! If you have any feedback regarding the video, feel free to leave it in a YouTube comment and I’ll address it in the near future!

2:35 – Staying Alive/Surviving Harassment in Lane

13:20 – Hero Roles

34:20 – Responses to all of your feedback!

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25 Aug

Jay Wilson’s Apology to David Brevik, Legendary Changes, Paragon Levels, Patch 1.0.4 and Diablo III’s RMAH: Evil Money Episode 8!

Looks like it really was Jay Wilson that said “Fuck that asshole” in regards to David Brevik, the original project leader for Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. He’s put out a public apology on Blizzard Entertainment’s official Diablo III forums, but does it mean anything? Meanwhile, legendary items have gotten some serious buffing in patch 1.0.4, tune in to see how I’m turning it into cash! In addition, a new endgame-ish system called Paragon Leveling has been added to the game: is it something new and innovative, or is it even worth bothering with?

As you might have realized by reading the above text, today’s episode of Evil Money is almost like a combination of Diablo III Status Update and Evil Money into the same time frame, as there is a lot of news to be covered! Anyway, on today’s episode I address the following topics in the corresponding order: First, I address the “apology” that Wilson was “kind” enough to give to the community, followed by an introduction to Paragon Leveling, what I think of it and how it impacts the RMAH, and last (but certainly not the least) I talk about the changes to legendary items and how I am cashing in on crafting for a second time around!

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19 Aug

Why Can’t I Monetize My YouTube Account with Adsense?

Today I answer one of the most frequently asked questions on my RLZIggyD YouTube channel: “Why Can’t I Monetize My YouTube Channel?”. It seems that quite a few people are having problems in setting up their monetization through Adsense so I explain the four main reasons that seem to give people trouble.

Check out the video for my answer or read on below.
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