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21 Jul

Mike Morhaime wrote us a letter? Patch 1.1? What the hell is going on? Diablo III Status Update Episode 50!

Mike Morhaime has only made one official post on Blizzard’s official website, personally, ever. This was the “soon-was-too-soon” post regarding [&hellip

26 Jun

Diablo 3: Bidding Tips – How to Know if a Bid is Real and What You Can Do with this Info [RMAH/GAH Guides]

Bidding on the real money and gold auction houses on Diablo 3 is finally starting to become more popular as [&hellip

19 Jun

Diablo 3 News: Kripparian and Krippie Defeat Hardcore Inferno Diablo!

Team No Life’s Kripparian and Krippie teamed up together in the early hours of this morning to finally clear Diablo [&hellip

19 Jun

Diablo 3: How to Transfer Your Battlenet Balance to Paypal [Real Money Auction House]

If you haven’t already found out for yourself that there is no official way to transfer your Battlenet balance to [&hellip

16 Jun

Diablo 3: The Most Comfortable Keybinding (Keyboard) Setup in the World

Having a comfortable keybinding, or keyboard, setup in a game like Diablo 3 is crucially important. In Diablo 3 you [&hellip

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