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13 Oct

Guild Wars 2 News: Halloween Event and Shadow of the Mad King Coming October 22

ArenaNet has recently announced it’s first major Guild Wars 2 game update which will include new jumping puzzles, new items [&hellip

19 Sep

Guild Wars 2 News: GW2 Gets a Mac Client Port Through Cider!

In a recent blog post the Guild Wars 2 team from ArenaNet announced the release of a beta Mac client, which is [&hellip

17 Sep

Diablo 3 News: Patch 1.0.5 Defensive Skill Changes “Survivability Buffs, Not Nerfs!”

Blizzard recently released the first of their series of developer blogs in the lead up to Diablo 3’s patch 1.0.5. [&hellip

14 Sep

Guild Wars 2: Where to Farm Vials of Thin Blood & Small Venom Sacs

In this video I show you where to farm the rare crafting drops Vials of Thin Blood, Small Venom Sacs [&hellip

14 Sep

Diablo 3 News: Patch 1.0.5 Sneak Peek Shows Uber Bosses and Players 8 Options Coming!

A sneak peek for diablo 3’s patch 1.0.5 has just been released by blizzard showcasing three of the changes in [&hellip

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