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7 Aug

ZiggyD Interviewed by Tom ‘Pandamana’ – YouTube Success and Gaming

G’day, ZiggyD here. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tom aka Pandamana for his YouTube channel. I [&hellip

31 Jul

Co-op Party Scaling in Path of Exile | Monster Life, Experience, Loot and Flasks

In this series I look at the game mechanics of Path of Exile, and Indie A-RPG that really has some [&hellip

18 Jul

Orcs Must Die is Awesome! First Look in Five Episode 4 is Live!

Orcs Must Die, an action-strategy game, is made by the indie developer Robot Entertainment. This game is absolute joy, as [&hellip

17 Jul

A First Look at Trine 2 Gameplay, in a Little More Than 5!

I remember that my first video game on a console was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. [&hellip

20 Jun

Receiver – Indie FPS with Realistic Gun Mechanics and Randomized Content [PC and Mac]

Indie developer Wolfire Games recently released their entry into the 7 Day FPS competition – Receiver. The game has some interesting new [&hellip

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