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21 Jul

Mike Morhaime wrote us a letter? Patch 1.1? What the hell is going on? Diablo III Status Update Episode 50!

Mike Morhaime has only made one official post on Blizzard’s official website, personally, ever. This was the “soon-was-too-soon” post regarding [&hellip

18 Jul

Orcs Must Die is Awesome! First Look in Five Episode 4 is Live!

Orcs Must Die, an action-strategy game, is made by the indie developer Robot Entertainment. This game is absolute joy, as [&hellip

17 Jul

A First Look at Trine 2 Gameplay, in a Little More Than 5!

I remember that my first video game on a console was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island for the SNES. [&hellip

16 Jul

RL High Score is Happy to Welcome MackTen! So happy, that he’s giving away DotA 2 Beta Keys!

Real-Life High Score is happy to welcome fellow YouTuber MackTen as a staffer to the website! MackTen currently operates a [&hellip

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