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14 Apr

RIFT – An Introduction to Rifts & Invasions [Part 1]

RIFT, the MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is one of my favorite games, but I’ve never made any actual videos talking [&hellip

22 Oct

RIFT: Storm Legion Expansion Adds 4 New Souls

RIFT: Storm Legion, among many other things, will be adding four new souls to the game; one for each of [&hellip

25 Sep

Stop Liking What I Don’t Like!

This image perfectly identifies one of the biggest problems in the video game community right now. Gamers need to realize [&hellip

6 Sep

Why I Think the Guild Wars 2 Pay Once No Subscription with Micro Transactions Model is Great

I have never really been interested in playing MMOs, the subscription model felt like a lot of pressure and commitment [&hellip

14 Aug

Rift Storm Legion – Harbinger Revealed

Trion Worlds is working on an expansion pack for their hit MMORPG, Rift, and I couldn’t be more excited. They plan [&hellip

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