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18 Nov

Free to Play – PC versus Console Gaming

Free to Play has become a hot topic of discussion within the video game community within the last four years [&hellip

10 Jul

How to Monetize a YouTube Channel Without a Partnership [Adsense Monetization]

Up until recently the only way that you could monetize your YouTube videos was through a partnership. Now Google has [&hellip

20 Jun

Receiver – Indie FPS with Realistic Gun Mechanics and Randomized Content [PC and Mac]

Indie developer Wolfire Games recently released their entry into the 7 Day FPS competition – Receiver. The game has some interesting new [&hellip

8 Jun

The Top 5 Things I Wish I Had Known About the Game Industry Before I Graduated [Guest Post]

G’day! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a guest poster by the name of Clayton Donaldson who [&hellip

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