RIFT – An Introduction to Rifts & Invasions [Part 1]

14 Apr 2013 by Pandamanana, No Comments »

RIFT, the MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is one of my favorite games, but I’ve never made any actual videos talking about why it is as good as I suggest. I decided to start a video series introducing MMO players to Rift and all of the mechanics that separate it from the ocean of other MMOs on the market. 


Today’s video serves to introduce players who are already familiar with modern MMORPGs to the main mechanics that let RIFT stand apart, Rifts and Invasions. Rifts serve as bite-sized dynamic, group quests, while invasions are like Rifts but on a larger, zone-wide scale. These mechanics serve as an alternate form of leveling, of which Rift has a myriad of options. They also help keep the game fresh, as you may run into an invasion while questing or sitting in town checking the auction house. Although these types of dynamic, group based content is not unique to Rift, I’d argue that Rift’s perspective on this type of MMO rises above the rest.

If you’re interested in Rift, feel free to check it out at www.riftgame.com and check out the Rift Lite, which allows players, new and old, to play Rift for free with characters from level 1 to 20.

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