Rift Storm Legion – Harbinger Revealed

14 Aug 2012 by Pandamanana, No Comments »

Trion Worlds is working on an expansion pack for their hit MMORPG, Rift, and I couldn’t be more excited. They plan to expand Telera’s geography by adding two new continents of comparable size, as well as a new soul for each of the four callings.


The Rift dev team recently revealed the Mage’s new soul, the Harbinger, on an online stream on Twitch TV and after finding out what was in store for Storm Legion, I was so pumped that I had to make a video to tell everyone about it.

I should apologize ahead of time for the length and tangential nature of the video. When I get excited about something nerdy it’s hard to stop me from gushing about it.

I also think I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Tom, aka Pandamanana, and I was invited to Real Life Highscore by ZiggyD. We met due to our mutual enjoyment of MarkeeDragon videos and we’ve helped each other out in our Youtube endeavors ever since.

After five years of making videos on Youtube, I’ve noticed just how ‘hush-hush’ the whole business is and how unwilling people are to help their fellow Youtuber. I’m really glad the guys here at RL Highscore are making it a priority to share in both their video gaming and internet entrepreneurship adventures. In an attempt to help out, I made a video about Trion Worlds’ Terms of Service agreement and how it allows Youtubers to create Rift content with only a few rules which must be met. You can find that video here. I hope it helps.

You can also watch the Trion Worlds live stream Harbinger reveal event, you can find it on Youtube here.

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