The 10 Best Legendaries in Diablo 3 – BiS Uniques & Set Gear

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Diablo 3 is a game that is all about the finding awesome loot. It’s both the means and the end – you get good gear to farm for better gear. Typically the best and coolest gear in the Diablo series has always been the legendaries and set items, and it’s these coveted prizes that we pay homage to today – welcome to my list of the top 10 legendaries and set items in Diablo 3!

Don’t forget, with the Real Money Auction House in full swing some of these can be worth hundred of real dollars! So get hunting!

Check out the full video here to see these epic Diablo 3 legendaries in action!

If you are watching the video be warned – there are spoilers below!

#10 – Inna’s Temperance [Pants – Inna’s Set]

Pants are never really a very exciting piece of gear but they are a necessary one. Inna’s Temperance are possibly about as exciting as you can get in the world of leg protection – they feature out of slot attack speed, critical hit chance and move speed making them great for almost any class but Demon Hunters and Monks especially. They are bright blue however, and it can be kind of hard to match them with any other piece of gear. Here’s hoping that Blizzard implement dye for legendaries soon!

#9 – Echoing Fury [1H Mace]

The legendary mace that melee classes love to hate. You get excellent damage and stats but you have to live with the frustration of fear on hit. As a ranged class fear on hit isn’t much of an issue but melee classes need to be close to their enemies and having them scamper off in all directions can be a nightmare.

#8 – The Manticore [2H Crossbow]

The Manticore is extremely slow to fire but packs a real punch. This is all thanks to the ability to roll two sockets for twice the critical hit damage – something that doesn’t appear on any other weapon in the game. If you want a hardcore DPS Demon Hunter then the Manticore is the way to go, it even works pretty well on Witch Doctors as well!

#7 – Dead Man’s Legacy [Quiver]

More Demon Hunter goodness here in the form of a unique quiver. The Dead Man Legacy (DML) is so good that it has literally destroyed the market for rare quivers – even the worst DML is better than the best rare quiver. No self respecting Demon Hunter should be seen without one!

#6 – Zunimasa’s Trail [Boots – Zunimasa’s Set]

The Zunimasa’s set is becoming more and more popular for Wizards and Witch Doctors and Zuni’s Trail is probably the best piece from the set. This is all thanks to that out-of-slot 7-8% poison bonus damage, which can add a huge amount of DPS to characters wielding non-elemental weapons. They also roll with a great amount of Intelligence and a solid amount of Vitality, making them good all round boots.

#5 – Mempo of Twilight [Helmet]

The Mempo of Twilight has a fair bit of competition from Andarial’s helmet, Natalya’s Helmet, Zuni’s Helmet and the Immortal King’s Helmet but it manages to come out on top as the best combined DPS and defensive helmet in the game. It’s also extremely ugly, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you are going for. If you love the Ninja Turtles Samurai look the  you will be very pleased with the Mempo. This helmet rolls with a socket, attack speed, % life, all resist and a single main stat. If you can manage to roll critical hit chance as one of the random affixes then you are going to be rolling in gold.

#4 – Natalya’s Mark [Ring – Legacy Natalya’s Set]

Nothing divides the community more than the Legacy Natalya’s set, in fact Demon Hunters with a legacy set are essentially a different class with a different set of rules to those without it. This is all thanks to that 2 discipline regen per second 4-set bonus. Discipline was designed as a powerful but extremely limited resource but with the legacy Nat’s set that ”extremely limited’ part is removed. The Mark is the most expensive piece of this amazing set and that’s simply because it’s the only one that is somewhat good and without it you are forced to use the horrible Hand crossbow with it’s 400 or so DPS. Since patch 1.0.4 the legacy set can no longer drop in game, instead being replaced by the still decent but not game breaking 1.0.4 set. You can be sure that those Demon Hunters with a full legacy set will be cherishing them for a long time to come.

#3 – Lacuni Prowlers [Bracers]

Lacuni Prowlers can roll move speed. That’s pretty much the main reason why they are so popular. Everyone wants to run fast in D3 and while Demon Hunters and Monks have Inna’s Temperance for this every other class needs a pair of Lacunis. They can roll out-of-slot attack speed as well so if you can get some decent affixes in the random slots then you can have a pretty solid pair of bracers.

#2 – Vile Wards [Shoulders]

Nothing says best in slot better than the Vile Wards. For all but Barabarians the main stat rolls of the Vile Wards far exceed those possible on rare shoulders. If you can manage to get a pair with vitality then you have not only one of the best defensive pieces of gear in the game but also the best possible offensive shoulders money can buy. There isn’t much else to be said about this piece, it’s just the best in slot, so expect almost everyone you meet in game to be rocking those goat-horned shoulders.

#1 – The Hellfire Ring

Hellfire Ring

The Hellfire Ring has only been out for one patch and already it has risen to be the most popular legendary in the game. Sure, with fireball it’s a cool item but what really sets it apart?

Firstly, the Hellfire ring can roll a higher mainstat than any other ring and it has enough random affixes to become a pentafecta with Crit Chance, Crit damage, attack speed, and an integer damage bonus. With that alone it’s a possible best in slot item.

The second reason it’s so popular is that it gives a whopping 35% bonus experience, which can cut days of farming out of your quest to paragon 100.

The final reason the hellfire is number one on this list is that it is the outcome of Blizzard’s first attempt at end game content in Diablo 3. Currently if you aren’t farming for paragon experience or gear then you are fighting ubers and making hellfire rings because that’s what there is to do. With these three things combined it’s hardly surprising that most people you bump into have at least one Hellfire ring and this is why it comes in at #1 on the top 10 list of the bets legendaries in Diablo 3.

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